Monday 24th August, 1pm: #Manchester protests about the end of the stay on evictions

Next Monday, 24th August, 1pm, there is a socially-distanced protest outside the Manchester County Court, 1 Bridge St (next to the People’s History Museum).

CEM will be there (see below for why), with our sandwich boards and QR codes. So, if you want to bring any completed petition sheets, we will be easy to find…

If you’re wondering about the connection between the issues, it’s pretty simple. A lot of private rented accommodation is of particularly low quality in terms of insulation, since the heating bills are generally paid by the tenant, not the landlord, so there is no incentive for anyone to improve the quality of the property. On top of this- how are citizens supposed to be active on long-term issues if they are living in crap and insecure accommodation? And why should citizens who are facing that take the campaigns around the long-term stuff seriously if they are not even turning up for the short-term stuff? A future without social justice is a future without climate justice. Hope that helps.

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