7th Scrutiny Committee Petition Update 18th Aug

We’ve been plugging away on the petition and we thought it would be worth giving everyone a short update and a huge thanks to all those who have signed it so far. We’ve got 509 valid signatures on paper and 348 online so have now past 850 in total.

To keep up the momentum going, please do share this far and wide – any human who lives, works or studies in the Manchester City Council area can sign this petition in some way. In the words of Mary Annaïse Heglar “justice is justice is justice” we can’t section off fights for racial, social, environmental or any other inequality. They are not isolated and we need bold and creative solutions that can edge forward on many fronts rather than pitting one section of society and campaigners against another – that’s how the status quo wins.

If you can help with any or all the following, you can count yourself as a good human being:

1. We think it should be possible to collect signatures on paper by printing this pdf out and sharing this with anyone else within your household or social bubble. If you have access to a printer, live/study/work in Manchester and your household meet the same criteria – please sign! Let us know by emailing contact@climateemergencymanchester.net and we’ll be happy to arrange a pick up from you (at a safe distance).

2. We’d really like to be invited to any online calls or meetings (whatever technology, we’ll find a way to join) you have planned with your group to talk about the petition in more detail and share with you how to sign.

3. As we’ve all been making videos recently in the core group and some supporters have also joined in – again thanks so much if you have done one. I know it might not come naturally. We’d love you to share your videos letting us know who you are, where you live/work/study in Manchester and why you’ve signed and why it’s a good reason for others to also sign the petition. We’ll put it up on our youtube channel or you can share it with us on whatever medium you fancy.


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