Kevin Pluck, who lives and works in Trafford, urges ppl to sign petition for a 7th (climate) scrutiny committee in #Manchester

You have to live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries in order to sign the petition for a seventh Scrutiny Committee, devoted to climate change.

Kevin Pluck a New Zealander who created startling graphic which showed sea ice decline which was retweeted by the UN, used by Al Gore started using it and even written about by the Daily Mail (see interview here) lives and works in Trafford, so can’t sign. But he can urge others who do live/work/study within Manchester’s boundaries to sign, and that is exactly what he has done in this short video.

We’re hoping to get videos like this from all the other boroughs in Manchester. So if you can’t sign, but you want other people who can to sign, please get in touch about making a short film!  Our email is



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