The next 2 weeks, the next 2 months – information for local #climate action in #Manchester

We did it. We got to our first target: 1000 signatures.  Over the next two weeks we are linking, publicising, publishing so the next 2 months end with us getting another 3000 signatures.  Through all of this, we rely on you to be our eyes, ears and  supplier of ideas.

Later today we launch the cover of our “Student Guide to the Climate Crisis: A Handbook for Climate Grief, Science and Action.” It’s 40-plus pages of useful information and perspectives for students in Manchester.  Tomorrow one piece of that guide- an interview about climate grief and how to handle it – is published.  Later in the week we will publish an interview with Ergon Theatre and with vegan chef Jackie Kearney.   On Thursday 24th September, the day before the next Youth Strike, we launch the Student Guide.  We’d love your feedback on all these, and also any retweets, shares “etc.”

We’re also doing more and more online meetings. We’ve kindly been invited to the Manchester Amnesty meeting tonight. Last week we were on the North West Fabians podcast.  We want to get invites to speak to any and all groups, on any and all podcasts.  This is where you – as our ears and eyes – come in. Send us tips and invites!

To get the petition going “viral” we ask you also to do the following

a) think of seven of your friends, family, work colleagues/acquaintances who live, work or study in Manchester and write to them/text them/call them individually and urge them to sign the petition. It only takes a few minutes for them to sign.

b) print off a poster and stick it in your window, then send us a photo of the poster in the window (for our morale, and also to prompt more people to do it!) The QR code takes people to our website, and from there they can go on to sign the petition.  For now it’s this, but soon we will have a rather splendid one to share…

pdf to download

c) make a short film (literally 45 seconds) about who you are, where you live and why you signed, and then send us the footage. We want films from all 32 wards of the city…  Here are some examples.


There is now a “Petition Taskforce” that meets every Friday at 3.30pm (online).  If you want to be involved, just email us.  But we also know that people are sometimes allergic to meetings (with good cause!). So if you just want to crack on with some specific tasks, also email us – we have plenty.

Finally, this.  If you believe this is a climate emergency, then help us to get the Council to up its game.  At the moment there are very few times in the course of a year that the leaders of the Council, or those who are supposed to be implementing all the wonderful policies, come under extended scrutiny where they have to explain what has and has not been achieved.  That has meant that mistakes get buried, missed targets and no-longer-convenient promises “forgotten.”

This is an emergency. Monthly meetings – where progress is monitored, good ideas for future action shared and debated – is the bare minimum we should be pushing for.  A seventh scrutiny committee may act as a ‘game-changer’. If we don’t get the 4000 signatures, and then the debate in full Council, we will never know. We cannot get the 4000 without you. Please do – at least – a) and b) and c).  Thank you.




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