Petition – #Chorlton joins the video roll-call, #MossSide the poster-in-the-window list

We want everyone in Manchester to know about the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee. We want videos from people who live in each of the 32 wards of the city. We want posters up in windows in all 32 wards, as soon as possible.

Well, Chloe Jeffries, who lives in Chorlton, and who set up the petition, joins people from six other wards in making a video. And Marc Hudson, who lives in Moss Side, now has put a poster up in is window.  Please make a short video and either send us the raw footage for us to put up, or post it on your own site and send us a link.  Please also send us photos of posters you’ve put up, telling us in which ward of the city!  Our email is

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