Mind the Gap: Guide to the Mayor’s Green Summit

CEM today launches a short guide for all those watching, participating, or wanting to participate in the Mayor’s Green Summit. This year’s online event (the third of its kind, but the first online) now spans four full days. With such an array of speakers, themes and sessions it can be difficult to work out what matters, how to ask questions and get actual answers. Yet spotting which parts of the Combined Authority’s response to the climate emergency are on track – and which are not – has never been more important.

GMCA Mind the gap

Our guide, available here CEM Guide to the Mayor’s Green Summit, features:

  • 10 things to look out for across the four days (and please tweet / tag if these comes up)
  • A focus on delivery: potentially the greatest challenge facing the GMCA 5-Year environment plan
  • A timeline of GMCA action on climate to date

We hope this enables wider engagement and greater scrutiny. Watch this space for further reports further probing GMCA action!

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