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A6 Cycle Action: a message for Clean Air Day 2020
A6 Cycle Action are a group of Levenshulme residents who got together to campaign about MCC’s refusal to use government funding for emergency ‘pop-up’ cycle lanes. We made this video to share what we’ve done so far, spread the word about the issues involved and encourage others to take action. We’re at the point where we know that MCC have a budget of £79 million for ‘quality permanent infrastructure’, but we don’t know how this money is being spent. We’ve used a FOI request to try and find out, but are also encouraging people to share the video, sign the CEM 7th Scrutiny Committee petition and demand urgent answers and action from MCC on the issues outlined in the video.

Manchester people – please share this video with your local Councillors (find them here) and the Executive Member for Environment and ask how £79 million will be spent URGENTLY to make our streets safer and our air cleaner.

Sign Climate Emergency Manchester’s petition calling for a 7th Scrutiny Committee to scrutinise decision making on climate-related issues, including transport.

Link to our FOI…/breakdown_of_ps79…

Film by A6 Cycle Action
Thanks to everyone who contributed
Additional lock-down footage and music by Lemontape

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