The animals form their own Climate Emergency Scrutiny Committee…

Any human who lives, works or studies within Manchester City Council’s boundaries can sign the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee. No age limit, no citizenship test.  You do, however, have to be human. Artist Jackie Haynes has created some art works which imagine what, given the choice, other creatures besides the hairless apes with opposable thumbs and a rather high opinion of themselves (homo sapiens? Srsly?) might think…

The new generation of Noah’s Ark animals have formed their own Climate Emergency Scrutiny Committee in the absence of one in Manchester City Council. Led by the lamb, they debate Climate Emergency Manchester’s Petition Posters with their 19th century ancestors, who are distressed and dismayed to learn of the climate tragedy.

The camel points out that in only 2 years, Manchester has burnt its way through ¼ of its carbon budget which was supposed to last until the end of the century. The tiger and dog are justifiably shocked and upset.

They all long for clean air and the zebra in particular wants safer cycling.

“These-are-just-two-reasons-of-many-which-show-why-accountability-to-the-declared-climate-emergency-is-as-serious-as-the-emergency-itself!” splutters the pink spotty llama, enraged.

Even the donkey agrees that the best way to achieve this is through a 7th Scrutiny Committee at Manchester City Council. As Manchester residents, they join others in the rallying barks, snorts, roars and chirps, to sign the petition before November 10th. They call out to passers-by “Please sign and share the online petition! If not now, then when?”

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