Petition update – what’s going on and how you can help

It’s been another week filled with activities around our petition. We run through the highlights below.

What happened last week?

Online – Many more signed online and at the time of writing we have exactly 683 on both paper and online! This means a total of 1366… and only 17 more needed to hit the 700 online mark.

We chatted to our friends Patagonia on their Instagram live channel (still available on the highlights), as well as the Northern Quota. Across civil society more groups have signed the open letter, including Compass MCR.

In person – we hit the streets to give flyers to neighbourhoods across Manchester: North and South, East and West. We were helped by generally fine weather… and neon flyers that would stop traffic (if not eliminate it).

During a week when we could not get together indoors, but could meet socially distanced outdoors, flyering has also been a chance for us to say hello and check in with supporters. The pavement-pounding flyering teams have developed a highly sophisticated technique for getting leaflets through heavy letterboxes: the spatula method. Using this humble cooking utensil to push the paper will save your fingers. Recommended for all campaigners.

What’s happening next week?
In person – We will continue to flyer and put up posters. If you’d like to distribute in your areas, just let us know and we will get materials dropped off to you. We can give you a small batch that will take less than one hour. Get your daily steps, and campaign for climate action!

Online, you can help us by sharing our images on your social media accounts, to encourage your friends and followers to sign the petition. If you’d like to help us add more content online, do more with Facebook, or create content for TikTok, then we’d be happy to hear from you (

In the task-force, we’re doing more than ever to reach out to schools, universities and employers with information about the climate emergency and the importance of a scrutiny committee. We meet every Friday afternoon at 3.30 for an hour to make plans and build connections. There’s an emphasis on deploying and building skills and we are thinking more each week about what we have learned. Want to join? You know the email address.

Basic facts:
In July 2019 Manchester City Council declared a climate emergency.
At the moment climate action gets very little real scrutiny. This means mistakes are buried, missed targets are not reported on, etc.
In the last 2 years the City burned ¼ of its entire carbon budget for the 21st century.
If we get 4000 signatures from people who live, work or study in Manchester City Council’s boundaries, there will be a debate in full council (where all 96 councillors are together) about setting up a seventh scrutiny committee.
We have until November 10th

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