Tyndall Manchester seminar – “Overconsumption or Unmet Needs” Tues Feb 9th

After you’ve witnessed the High Drama of CEM at the Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee (Tuesday Feb 9th, 10am), then there is this a palette cleanser…


High End Energy Consumers – Overconsumption or Unmet Needs

Professor Karen Lucas, University of Manchester

This presentation addresses the issues of fairness and justice of energy resource allocations in the domestic energy and personal travel domains with a specific focus on tackling ‘over consumption’. Achieving this relies upon understanding the underlying reasons for high energy use and the structural, social, cultural and economic influences on these behaviours. These findings will be considered in the context of political theory and theories of consumption to structure definitions of high use consumers and to develop and assess approaches to equitable radical reductions.

Speaker bio

Karen Lucas is Professor of Human Geography and Research Director at the School of Environment, Education and Development at The University of Manchester and leads the Manchester Urban Institute’s theme on Transport and Mobilities.  Karen is a world-leading expert on transport and social justice in the Global North and South. She also researches issues of energy poverty and environmental and climate justice in the UK context, currently leading the High-End Energy Consumers project for the Centre for Research of Energy Demand Systems (CREDS), which is funded by UK Research and Innovation.

The seminar will take place online via Zoom- please register with Amrita to receive the joining details- amrita.sidhu@manchester.ac.uk

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