The week ahead – @ClimateEmergMcr bulletin abt #Manchester #climate stuff Jan 25th

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Climate Emergency Manchester news

After the excitement (yes, we know we need to get out more, but there is a pandemic going on) of Scrutiny Week, last week’s big event for us was this corking piece by Robbie Watt about the flooding in Northenden/Didsbury.

Later on this week we will be publishing our latest “emotional rescue” post, where core group members weigh in on an emotion – this time, it’s hate.

We will also be publishing a great “Year Ahead” blog post from our friends at GND Podcast.

We are also busy with preparation for our appearance at the Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 9th February, where we will be explaining the rationale for last year’s petition for a seventh scrutiny committee.

Council news

There is a question mark hanging like the sword of Damocles over the Thursday 6th May date for Local Elections – the expectation is that these will be pushed back to autumn. This will doubtless delight those councillors who were hoping to stand down… 18 months ago.  Watch this space.

Other groups

Kindling Trust’s plans for the year ahead.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 4 February  – Manchester Art Gallery climate event

Monday 8 February, 8pm – CEM’s next online meeting.  And believe it or not, you will come away more connected and energised than at the start, or your money back!  (Free event).  Email us for the webex link –

Tuesday 9 February , 10am – Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee discusses CEM’s petition for a seventh scrutiny committee

Thursday 9 February, 6pm  Book launch “Thinking like a climate” . Free, book here.

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