Next monthly public meeting – 8th Feb @8:00pm

As part of operation scrutiny we’re also holding monthly public meetings normally on the Monday of a scruinty week at 8:00pm for about 45minutes.

We’re doing this for a number of reasons and hope you can join us, but it’s mainly to create a space where people can:

  1. connect with other people;
  2. hear what cem is doing;
  3. hear what other groups are doing; and
  4. advertise upcoming events.

NB It is NOT there for endless old white man discussions…

This month, in addition to providing short updates on some of our projects, we’ll be focussing on our upcoming slot at the Resources & Governance Committee following the 1500 or so signatures we collected during the first lockdown for our petition for a 7th Scrutiny Committee dedicated to Climate & Environment.

Email us for the details to join

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