Memes for a change – vote, invent, spread the word (image) abt 7th Scrutiny Committee for #climate

Next week (Tuesday 9th February) a committee of councillors will discuss the petition that Climate Emergency Manchester created last year. The petition calls on the City Council to create a scrutiny committee dedicated to climate change.  We at CEM created it because climate change keeps getting kicked into the long grass. It hasn’t been discussed by councillors (and even then superficially) since July last year. Meanwhile, Manchester as a city has burned through over a quarter of its carbon budget for the 21st century in 2 years alone….

We strongly suspect that the councillors on the committee – all of whom voted to declare a climate emergency back in July 2019 – will be particularly exercised about the cost of a committee (roughly 30 to 40 thousand pounds a year) and when such a committee might meet.

In context, the Council is intending to throw another 23 million at the bottomless money-pit that is “The Factory.”

SO, with that in mind, we have created a few memes to pass the time and spread the word.

We are going to be posting these on Twitter.  We want you to vote for your favourite ones. A “like” is one vote, a retweet counts as two votes.  Encourage your friends to vote too!

And if you’re inspired, please create your own memes (safe for work, please) and tag us in. Our Twitter is @ClimateEmergMcr

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