What the candidates say about #climate change. #Manchester hustings, 19th April

Next Monday, 19th April, three candidates in the local elections will face questions in an online hustings.  The hustings (which simply means ‘public event/debate’) is held from 7.45pm to 9pm.  It’s free and you simply have to register here.

The three candidates are:

Alison Hawdale for the Manchester Green Party

Alison Hawdale said Green councillors would “put the climate emergency front and centre of the work of the Council… [in order] to deliver the vital emissions reductions we need”. Alison also stated “the Council needs to be leading a comprehensive plan that works with all sectors of the city to reduce the the whole city’s emissions” and that Green councillors would seek to open the Council to wider scrutiny to allow “members of the public to feel comfortable speaking at Council meetings” and to  “ensure that activist groups have a platform”.    

Mandie Shilton Godwin for Manchester Labour

Mandie Shilton Godwin said “Labour has completely transformed the way the Council works, putting the need for reductions at the front and centre and embedded into all operations.” Mandie also said “Our task ahead is to ensure that we hunt down every opportunity to make this a city of green jobs, so that all citizens get opportunities for meaningful work as we transform ourselves into the green city of the future, with no one left behind.”

April Preston for the Manchester Liberal Democrats

April Preston said “We need a diversity of opinion, diversity of experience, and diversity of approach, and ultimately we need to be able to elect representatives that can question the powerful figures at the top. Knowingly or unknowingly they have put our environment, our health and our wellbeing at risk, so for me scrutiny is at the heart of tackling much of the lack of movement that has been happening in Manchester.”

The Conservatives were asked, but haven’t gotten back to us.

The videos are also available to view on our YouTube channel.

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