One party has 100% of its candidates saying “yes” to the 3 #climate commitments…

Climate Emergency Manchester is trying to get all 149 candidates for the 34 council seats up for grabs at the local elections on Thursday 6th May to take a particular stand on climate. We have three climate commitments we are asking folks to say yea or nay to.

So far, 16 out of 34 Greens have say they support our three climate commitments

11 out of 34 Lib Dems have said yes.

9 out of 34 Labour have said yes (two of those saying no to the first commitment). 1 Labour candidate has said “nope” to all three)

Only 2 of the Conservatives’ 34 candidates have deigned to reply (1 yes, 1 no).

The Women’s Equality Party (see our interview with them here) is standing three candidates.  And all of them have said… yes….

Without a proactive focus on actions to mitigate against our climate emergency Manchester City Council will not achieve its target of becoming a zero-carbon city by 2038 – this therefore must be a regular standing item at Executive meetings and has to include regular consideration and scrutiny of the city’s carbon budget. Consideration of and mitigation against the climate impacts of local authority activities should be embedded into the business plans of each department and called in for scrutiny at least twice a year.
In short, our candidates support the 3 climate commitments.

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