Greater Manchester Law Centre- who, what, why, how to get involved @Gmlawcentre

Climate Emergency Manchester is going to publish a directory of groups working for a better world. We’re calling it the “Strawberry Snapshot.” The leads on this project are marion@climateemergencymanchester and marc@climateemergencymanchester.

One group we approached was the Greater Manchester Law Centre. They kindly replied very quickly. Here’s what they said, and below that, the basic info that will appear in the directory.

“We always welcome people joining our campaigns volunteer team – to do this, they can email asking to join the campaigns team. We send out short emails periodically with ways volunteers can contribute to and amplify our campaigning. They can also follow our newsletter for news and opportunities here.”


Greater Manchester Law Centre






Purpose of group (two paragraphs maximum)

GMLC is a law centre providing free legal advice and representation for Greater Manchester residents in the areas of housing, employment, benefits and public law and policy (including some aspects of asylum).


We are also a campaigning organisation fighting for the expansion of legal aid, a fairer social security system, better housing and tenants’ rights, and fair treatment in employment.

Skills/knowledge/resources your group has that it is willing to share with others

–       Legal knowledge in our specialist fields

–       Information and legal advice in our legal specialist fields

–       Campaign resources and speakers


E.g. Our COVID survival guide; our Police Crackdown Bill explainer

Skills/knowledge/resources your group would like to acquire in the coming months


2 thoughts on “Greater Manchester Law Centre- who, what, why, how to get involved @Gmlawcentre”

  1. Well done. Broadening/widening struggle can draw in more support and increase the opposition to bureaucracy across the board. An old trade union principle. Best wishes.

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