Our “Strawberry Snapshot” directory will feature lots of environmental & social justice campaigns, including “Make Votes Matter”

On Monday 12th July CEM will launch a directory of campaigning groups and resources. It will have info about mostly environmental and social justice, but if you think you belong in there, get in touch, via contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

To whet your appetites, we are featuring groups who have already given their answers. Here’s the answers we got from the Manchester branch of “Make Votes Matter”.

NameMake Votes Matter Manchester
WebsiteNA for Mcr local group, but main website https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/
Purpose of group (two paragraphs maximum)Aim One – To campaign for changing the voting system to have proportional representation in the House of Commons, so that all votes matter. So far we’ve done this by coordinating actions in Manchester such as sending letters/cards to MPs, arranging meetings with MPs, etc. Aim Two- To raise awareness and to promote the idea of proportional representation and its benefits (democratic, social, environmental) to the Manchester public, including explaining different types of voting systems. e.g. through information stalls, online “explainer” presentations, letters to newspapers, etc.
Skills/knowledge/resources your group has that it is willing to share with othersRunning a street stall
Skills/knowledge/resources your group would like to acquire in the coming monthsSocial media management/ content creation

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