Strawberry Snapshot – Labour for a Green New Deal tell us about themselves

On Monday 12th July CEM will launch a directory of campaigning groups and resources. It will have info about mostly environmental and social justice, but if you think you belong in there, get in touch, via

To whet your appetites, we are featuring groups who have already given their answers. Here’s the answers we got our friends at Greater Manchester Labour for a Green New Deal…

eGM Labour for a Green New Deal
Website  National website is:  
EmailFor general enquires:                                           Or for Cllrs that want advice/support on anything to do with ecological issues:
Twitter  @mcrLabGND  
Purpose of group (two paragraphs maximum)  To promote ideas and policies related to a Green New Deal. To support and promote progressive Labour Cllrs. To highlight, amplify, and stand with ecological campaigns within GM. And to build bridges with activists and Cllrs from any political party with a shared ecological vision.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Skills/knowledge/resources your group has that it is willing to share with othersWithin our membership we have academics, activists, journalists, podcasters, and people that work in retrofit,  so cover a wide range of areas. We are open to help anyone with a geniune intrest in most aspects of media, ecology, and progressive politics.  
Skills/knowledge/resources your group would like to acquire in the coming monthsThe thing that we are always on the look out for are commited Labour members who are climate-conscious and have a small amount of time each week to either help and support what we do or, alternatively, to start something that we can help and support them to do. We are also keen to speak with any academics or people who work in ecoloical fields, who would like to become a part of our expertise network, and help support progressive GM Labour Cllrs.

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