We were wrong, ‘burning out’ over COP26 was totally worth it

So here we are, 140 days after COP26 closed in Glasgow. And what a 140 days it’s been, full of excitement at all the wonderful things that have been done to mitigate climate change. The UK, host of the conference, has ruled out any further oil or gas exploration in its domestic waters, and politicians of every stripe have agreed that a move to a genuinely low carbon economy is an absolute necessity, and not to be used as a weapon in an ongoing culture war.
This sunny outlook is also seen in the environmental campaign groups in and around Manchester, many of which are disbanding in delight at how their aims are being achieved without having to do any more tedious work.
CEM is feeling rather disappointed at having missed out on the lovely party in Scotland’s largest city, and wishing we hadn’t followed our own advice last year to stay well away. After all, if we’d know that COP26 would be the Last Chance for the Good Guys To Win, But That We Actually Would, it would have been great to have been there, right?


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