CEM Podcast Ep. 8.1 – Magic scrutiny roundabout

Lauren kicks Simon out of the host chair for another spin of the scrutiny roundabout. They are joined by Chloe and Jackie for a dizzying update on Manchester’s carbon budget. Catch it now, before it disappears forever.

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In this episode:

  • Welcome to our first podcast using our own recording kit (please bear with us as we learn how to use it!)
  • Lauren kicks Simon out of the chair to host this month’s podcast, starting with the Annual Climate Change Report 2022 from Manchester Climate Change Agency (MCCA) [1:50]
  • Simon despairs at the tweets from the council and MCCA telling us “We’re off track” on our carbon budget (without mentioning the carbon budget) [2:10]
  • MCC’s ‘science-based target’ is to be zero-carbon by 2038, through a reduction of 13% year on year, 16% year on year, 21% year on year!?! We f#%k£d that up then! [5:21].
  • Last month’s updated Climate Change Framework offered different scenarios for reaching net-zero, through a steady decrease each year or a ‘magical thinking route.’ Now Cllr Holt asks why the MCCA can’t recommend one of those routes. “If they can’t do it, who can?” says the council member who knows full well what the Council Executive is. [8:39]
  • Cllr Wright asked for an update from each member of the executive. Chloe and Simon muse over leadership and whether MCC is waking up to its unique responsibility in this space. [15:16]
  • Usual segment on the lack of measurable targets on decarbonisation of the city. [17:37]
  • Another look at the pathways to get to zero-carbon by 2038 [19:52]
  • Green growth or Degrowth – has it been considered by the MCCA? [spoiler – no]. Are we in the Anti-growth Coalition (kisses to Liz Truss) [21:35]
  • A couple of questions from councillors on aviation, behaviour change from the highest polluters and how the national Jet Zero project’s deadline of 2050 is misaligned with Manchester’s target of 2038. [24:55]
  • The scrutiny roundtable moves on to the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) which is the council’s own plan for their own emissions [28:39]
  • Simon review’s the council’s “key achievements” from Jul – Sep 2022. Prepare to be astounded! [30:56]
  • Active travel in Fallowfield and the city, no funding for Fallowfield Loop improvements, poor paving, pavement parking, and wider issues that mean residents don’t feel safe enough to walk/wheel to get about. [34:17]
  • Chloe invites the roundtable to sum up this segment of scrutiny. Lauren is not impressed. [39:51]

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