CEM Podcast Ep. 8.2 – Creatures great and small

Lauren hosts the last episode from October scrutiny week at Manchester City Council. Together with the bright and beautiful, wise and wonderful, Chloe, Jackie and Simon, we take a look at Manchester’s wild side.

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In this episode:

  • Simon introduces Manchester City Council’s (MCC) biodiversity strategy.
  • How will MCC increase biodiversity while national government start a bonfire of environmental standards? [3:15]
  • The spaces in between – creating urban wildlife corridors [5:08]
  • How much will MCC do, and what can we do as individuals to help? [8:43]
  • Tree Action Plan and all those poor unwatered saplings [12:29]
  • Waste, recycling and street cleansing update [18:28]
  • Fly tipping ignored and councillors don’t believe BIFFA monitoring results [22:43]
  • Something cool! Renew Hub and shops [26:14]
    • Renew GM Ebay Shop
    • Note from Simon – also check out Freegle, Nextdoor and similar services (that are ACTUALLY affordable).
  • Stupid rules and restrictions at the tip prevent people recycling [30:58]
  • Corny outro and recycling puns [33:04]

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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