CEM Podcast Ep. 9.1 – Budget 2023 and Neighbourhood Ward Plans

Simon, Chloe and Adam respond to the council’s budget cuts over the next few years and ask how they will impact the city making the best choices on the climate. We also have an update on the long promised yet underwhelming ward plans – all from November’s Scrutiny Week.

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In this episode:

  • Chloe introduces MCC’s consultation on the dire state of council funding and current budget shortfalls of 28million in 2023/24, rising to 96million by 2025/26.
  • “We have had to make 428million of savings since 2010 to cope with cuts to our Government funding and unfunded budget pressures such as inflation and a growing population. If the Council had received only the average cut to its funding between 2010/11 and 2022/23, we would have 77million a year more to spend on services.” [source: MCC budget consultation email]
  • Adam puts the budget cuts into some football friendly context [2:27]
  • Adam and Simon look at potential cuts to gully/road cleaning services and the impact that will have on sustainable travel options [5:13]
  • Chloe ponders the impact for new charges for replacement recycling bins [6:29]
  • Cllr feedback on budget cuts and BIFFA street cleaning contract concerns [9:18]
  • Parks and green spaces will have to generate more revenue. Will this conflict with other climate strategies e.g. biodiversity and public connection to our parks? [10.23]
  • Chloe introduces ward plans – a commitment from MCC’s 2019 Climate Emergency Declaration. Late, generic and disconnected. [14:52]
  • Should some wards have tougher KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) given some (wealthier) wards have much higher emissions per household?[19:09]
  • Simon looks at council leader Bev Craig’s letter to the UK Prime Minister calling for national net zero-targets to move forward to 2038 to align with Manchester.  [21:54]
  • Simon compares how MCC talk about financial budgets compared to carbon budgets. Both are in a pretty woeful state but don’t get discussed the same way. [22:53]

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