Welcome to December Scrutiny Week at Manchester City Council.

It’s back again. The next best opportunity for councillors to hold the MCC executive to account on the climate emergency. Last month, or the many months before it, would have been better, but this is the week we might see:

  • The stark truth about the city’s carbon budget, clearly set out without spin.
  •  Clear and specific direction from our councillors to demand action that is in line with their own “science-based targets”.
  • An assessment of the blockers to progress, which goes deeper than “blame the Tories in government”.

See it for yourself

There are six Scrutiny Committees, covering all of the council’s operations. Here’s a quick run-down of what to expect at each this month.

  •       Children and Young People – a report on Early Learning years buildings, a transfer of who is responsible for Youth and Play Services, a post 16 Education and Training Strategy and a report on ‘attainment’ (exam) outcomes for 2022.
  •       Communities and Equalities – a review of the Our Manchester Voluntary and Community Sector Fund, a review of the use of CCTV in public spaces
  •       Environment and Climate Change – set to discuss the city’s Local Area Energy Plan, a draft Manchester Electric Vehicle Charging strategy and a report on the use of single use plastics
  •       Economy – a discussion (including a talk from those with expertise and lived experience) on the living wage and a report on the Good Employment Charter,
  •       Health – a delayed report on the impact of the heatwaves, as well a report on gambling related harms and the adult learning disability service
  •       Resources and Governance – new governance arrangements on housing, an update on the Housing Revenue account and an update on the Autumn Statement

To read all the reports for this month or look back at past meetings, visit the Scrutiny page on the council website. 

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Ask yourself, what do you expect from your council on the climate crisis? Now, let’s let them know we’re watching.

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