Send us your photos of #badvertsMCR

Last week we launched a campaign to remove high-carbon advertising from Manchester. This week we’re putting out a call for your photos of these badverts wherever you spot them across the city.

We’ve started to log badverts around Manchester. But we need more evidence to demonstrate the scale of the problem (and the contradictions with the climate emergency declaration). There’s a real danger this goes into the council’s big bucket labelled ‘we’re working on it’. Your photos will get this up the agenda and show that ‘looking into it’ is just not good enough.

You can help in three simple steps:

1. Spot a high-carbon advert anywhere in Manchester

Examples of a high-carbon ad include SUV cars, low cost flights, fast fashion, fast food or anything of those energy-guzzling digital boards . But don’t get too hung up on the definition. If it’s a blight on our city, we’d still like to know

2. Take a photo, and make a note of the date and location (if you know where you are)

These ads change regularly.

3. Send it to us

Tag us on twitter @ClimateEmergMCR and use the hashtag #badvertsMCR. And / or email us the pic on

And if you’d like to help out in other ways with the campaign (we have tasks big and small), you can also get in touch with us through these channels

Thank you in advance. 

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