Climate Emergency Manchester is STILL collecting signatures for our petition (here’s why).  So please, sign online here or download a petition sheet, print it off, sign it and get others to sign it. Then take completed sheet to Patagonia shop in Manchester City Centre or the Sandbar

Meanwhile this page is going to be an (updated!) repository of photos, videos, tweets and transcripts of the climate emergency motion debate. Thanks to Cllr Eve Holt for uploading two videos (already – others to follow) and thanks to various councillors for sharing transcripts!

If you have photos/transcripts etc that you want to see here, please email

Before the debate, concerned citizens gathered outside the Town Hall (photos




And waited for the event to kick off


The debate started with this speech from Councillor Annette Wright (Hulme, Labour: @annettewright)

The transcript is here.



And here’s some video footage taken by Councillor Suzanne Richards (@CllrSuzanne) of the councillors and the gallery.

The motion was seconded by Councillor Eve Holt (Chorlton, Labour: @evefrancisholt)


The transcript is here.

The next speaker were Hannah Mithcell of the Manchester Climate Change Youth Board and Ishaa Asim MYP (interviewed by Manchester Climate Monthly here)

The next speaker was Jon-Connor Lyons (Labour, Piccadilly

The next speaker was Richard Kilpatrick (Liberal Democrat, Didbsury West @RKilpatrickMCR)

The Lib Dems proposed an amendment

-Explore the possibility of introducing a 2030 target in line with the IPCC report and request that a report on its viability be brought back to the Executive before the end of the year.

which was… accepted and applauded… (this, to be fair, is a little unusual)

Next up Mandie Shilton-Godwin (Labour, Chorlton Park  )

You can read the transcript of her speech here.

Next up Cllr Marcus Johns (Labour, Deansgate @CllrMarcus) talking about the importance of the Green Economy. And divestment.

You can read his transcript here.

The  final speaker in the debate was  Angeliki Stogia, Executive Member for the Environment  (Labour, Whalley Range  @AngelikiStg)

While it’s great to have an Exec Member speaking to the motion, it’s also worth noting that Councillor Stogia had as of March 2019 not given a single speech on climate change in the previous two years,  has flown to Brussels and back earlier this year, and late last year unilaterally cancelled the quarterly carbon reports which the Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee had been getting since 2016.

Anyway, how did it all end?



And then there’s this video of that applause, and astute comments from Claire Stocks.







And what next? What do we do After the Declaration. Here is the beginning of Climate Emergency Manchester’s answer…  As the hashtag goes #climatedeedsnotwords