Reading list: climate justice articles by people of colour

Yesterday Meg Ruttan Walker tweeted as follows

It got some great replies from @MaryHeglar, @el_macs  @TutusNTinyHats @Trashista @rpancost and others.

We at @ClimateEmergMcr turned the thread into a list (which we will add to when we find/are alerted to other articles). See this recent post on our website too…


The Optimist’s Telescope by @binajv

A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None by Kathyrn Yusoff


Lose your kin by Christina Sharpe

People of Color Experience Climate Grief More Deeply Than White People by Nylah Burton- @yumcoconutmilk

Why I quit being a climate activist by Karin Louise Hermes

It’s Time for Environmental Studies to Own Up to Erasing Black People by Wanjiku Gatheru @wawagatheru

No, climate action can’t be separated from social justice by Julian Brave NoiseCat @jnoisecat

Faster Than We Thought: What Stories Will Survive Climate Change?  by Omar El Akkad @omarelakkad

Lessons in Survival by Emily Raboteau @emilyraboteau

Mothering in the Age of Extinction by Amy Westervelt  @amywestervelt

Climate Change Anxiety Has Always Existed For Me by Saya Ameli Hajebi @SayaAmeli

Is it wrong to be hopeful about climate change? by Diego Arguedas Ortiz
Green science’s white people problem by Yessenia Funes
Charles Mills, “Black Trash” in Faces of Environmental Racism: Confronting Issues of Global Justice. 2nd ed. Laura Westra and Bill E. Lawson. (New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2001)


The non-plastic Maori

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (multiple articles) @ayanaeliza

Chris Newman on Medium

UPDATE – we will add to the list, with books and articles, youtubes etc. Send us your tips –

Invasion Day is a day of mourning for Indigenous Australians. The bushfires make this year extra poignant by Nylah Burton

Oh, and “Climate Change Ain’t the First Existential Threat” by Mary Heglar

Environmentalism’s racist history  by Jedediah Purdy

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