Join @ClimateEmergMcr at 7pm, Mon 22nd June tonight to learn abt #climate action in #Manchester – agenda and reports

Climate Emergency Manchester holds its latest online meeting tonight, at 7pm. It will be either a Zoom or a Webex (in either case, you won’t need to download any software or applications). Please email for the agenda.

First item on the agenda is local artist Jackie Haynes, who is part of the campaign for a “climate emergency hub” in Manchester.  You can read an interview with her about this , and the (related) report we’ve written here.

Next up, we will give a brief overview of what Manchester City Council is (not) doing about climate change (pdf and doc), and an overview of the coming 6 scrutiny committee meetings happening this week,.

Then there will be an opportunity to ask CEM about its activities for the next three months (see report here as pdf and as doc).

Finally, there’s “open discussion” of any upcoming events.

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