Job Alert: Co-Director for Cracking Good Food, deadline 17th July @CrackingFood

The fab folks at Cracking Good Food  are looking for a new co-director.

Details here. Deadline 17th July.Overview:

Cracking Good Food is a community driven Community Interest Company, established in 2010. We teach communities how to cook affordable, healthy and sustainable food from scratch. It is a values-driven grassroots organisation, that strives to ensure food is grown ethically, in harmony with the environment in line with fair trade standards. We campaign against food waste, food and fuel poverty due to the impact of austerity and promote measures and policies that mitigate poverty and the effects of climate change.
80% of our work is now community outreach as a result of the rise in poverty and homelessness. We also run Cookery Schools, Foraging, Teambuilding and Training programmes which helps support of core running costs. In our team we currently have over 100 active volunteers, 9 cooking leaders, 5 co-ordinators, stores maintenance, bid writer, IT/Website developer, 1 admin, 5 non- executive Directors & 2 Directors
The Founding Director, Adele Jordan, is stepping aside but will remain on the Board and in a consultation capacity. Cracking Good Food has become a very substantial organisation and needs strong co-leadership to take it through its current post-covid transition into the next phase of grass roots engagement, broadening the Board’s membership so as to encompass representation of communities where food and fuel poverty are evident; and establishing new consultation and co-design procedures when it comes to prospective beneficiaries’ involvement in project development and continuing service improvement.
Role Summary:
 To provide leadership, motivation, direction and example to the organisation
 Research, develop, implement and sustain new opportunities for CGF to fulfil its purpose
 Generate and sustain income streams
 Maintain, review and improve the public profile of CGF
 Remain abreast of all developments in local, national and international food systems, their politics and the implications of how it will affect our food supplies.
 Recruit and maintain an appropriately skilled and ideologically committed team of cooking leaders, co-ordinators and volunteers
 To recognise and nurture individual strength and expertise within the team so as to build up a stronger and empowered team

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