Letter in the MEN: Towers of Light and the truth abt increasing failure to deal with carbon emissions

The Manchester Evening News has kindly published the latest letter from a CEM core group member.  Adam Peirce writes about, well –

Thanks to Charlotte Cox for her excellent “This Tower of Light is a tower of shame” article (MEN, 16th August), which explains how the £18 million combined heat and power system in the city centre will run on… natural gas.  It is another example of the Council congratulating itself for climate change “achievements” which on closer inspection turn out to be illusions.

Ms Cox notes that this revelation “follows news that the city has missed its latest climate targets.”

Indeed! Even those who attended the recent 90 minute “conference” by the Manchester Climate Change “Agency” could still be in the dark about two inconvenient facts.

  1. Manchester has an annual reduction target of 13% for its carbon dioxide emissions. For the last two years actual reductions were 2% and 4% (and these probably due to national factors). 
  2. Manchester has burned through 25% of its entire carbon budget for the 21st century in the last two years alone.

These facts were buried deep on page 17 of the report, away from the glossy feel-good statements, and the event did not touch on them because it had been decided by the organisers to be centered on the economic recovery.

This can’t go on. Manchester deserves better. We hope readers who live, work or study in Manchester will sign our petition for a seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate. Then maybe real action – not white elephant ‘towers of light’ – can begin to happen.

Adam Peirce

Climate Emergency Manchester

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