Support and signatures for the #climate petition at Deansgate market

On Sunday 4th October Climate Emergency Manchester supporters collected signatures from outside The Great Northern Warehouse off Deansgate. In the space of two hours, more than twenty people who live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries signed the petition for a climate change scrutiny committee.

The stall included new posters and flyers that highlight the importance of a 7th scrutiny committee on climate change for ensuring that the City Council takes the climate emergency seriously rather than simply paying lip-service to it.

The stall was outdoors (the October weather being relatively kind), socially distanced, and well-oiled with hand-sanitiser gels. The stall was near to the Maker’s Market, and shout-outs go to The Wildlife Trusts and Plant Foodies for being friendly neighbours on the day.
It gives the campaign a boost to make connections with lots of residents, workers and students who were supportive of CEM’s activism and its petition for better local democracy.

You can sign the petition if you live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries.  Please share it in any case!

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