Flyers and beermats, oh my! Petition paraphernalia at Maker’s Market today (also, Fallowfield doggies)

If you go down to the woods Makers’ Market today, you’re in for a big surprise.

Well, surprises are all relative….

Various folks from Climate Emergency Manchester will be at the Market, off Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter, with beautiful propaganda to distribute (we have some great graphic designers doing pro bono work for us).

It’ll all be socially distanced, and the best way you can say thank you is to print off a petition sheet, sign it and get your friends/housemates to sign it too, then hand-deliver to us (or email us and we will come collect).

Oh, and we promised pictures of doggies. Well, yesterday Pooja and Robbie were hand-delivering flyers in Fallowfield, and they were helped by Calli the adorable cocker spaniel…

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