So, is any member of the climate “partnership” talking about climate change on their websites?

The Manchester Climate Change “agency” has announced a new chair for the climate “partnership” (the group of Friends of the Council that can be relied on to either cheer lead or go along with any old nonsense). In keeping with tradition, this chair is – like the last two – a middle-aged white corporate male.  Because diversity.

The announcement of the appointment included reference to six members of the partnership. Which got us to thinking – how many of these organisations make mention of their membership of the partnership, its activities, and the vaunted “Framework 2020-2025” on the front page of their websites?  Or, failing that just mentioned climate change.

Let’s say a visible link on the website to the partnership etc would be worth two points, with a mention of climate change getting one point.  So, maximum points would be twelve. If this were an emergency the result would be twelve, right?

You know the answer to this. The answer is “one.”  Here are the results, with screengrabs.

Manchester City Council – nul points

University of Manchester – nul points

Manchester Metropolitan University – nul points

Manchester Cathedral – nul points

Manchester City Football Club – nul points

Electricity North West... one point – but then if an electricity company isn’t talking about net zero and electric vehicles, we really are screwed  (fun fact – we really are screwed).

Doubtless someone will pitch in and say something like “but the front page of the website is a bad metric. If people hit search they will find x”  or “but [organisation x] produced a glossy document.”  The point is this. If you can be in the partnership and not be talking about climate change prominently, on the front page of your website, week in, week out, then what is the actual point of any of this?  How is this a response to an emergency?

How. Do. The. People. “In Charge”. Sleep?

Will the elected councillors step up and demand regular scrutiny of the (in)actions of the Manchester Climate Change “Agency”, funded by the City Council?  Only if citizens make them do so…  Will citizens make them do so? We at CEM have been trying (as per our petition for a seventh scrutiny committee). If you want to help with our future efforts, please email us on

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