The year ahead – Save Ryebank Fields

Climate Emergency Manchester believes that only with a huge upsurge in citizen activity, with groups that are strategic, densely-linked and genuinely innovative and welcoming, can we get any meaningful change in this city.
One way we are trying to contribute to the building of such networks is by offering guest posts/doing interviews with groups. Today it’s Save Ryebank Fields. If you know of a group that would like a profile, have them email us on
1. Who are you and what do you do?
We are a community group determined to protect Ryebank Fields, a naturally rewilded green space from the threat of development.
2. What are the 2021 goals for your organisation?
Our main goal is to prevent Ryebank Fields from being sold for development. Along the way we want to raise awareness of the value and benefits of nature and biodiversity. Once it’s gone – it’s gone forever.
3. If people get involved with your group, what sorts of things would they end up doing?
Tasks include leafletting, social media, running our community rights of way walks, direct action and engaging with people. We also act as custodians of the fields so you may be asked to monitor and record wildlife, care for the community orchard and litter pick. The list is long and varied!
We have a petition too – which we would love you to sign and share.
4. What are the specific skills and knowledge you’re lacking?
We lack tech skills and time.
5. Complete this sentence: “For Manchester to become more sustainable/less unsustainable, in the next six months Manchester City Council …
need to completely change its modus operandi. They cannot continue to invest in fossil fuels and the financialisation of housing. They must listen to and represent their constituents – they’ve become too complacent and too capitalist. Citizens should really consider who they vote for in the local elections. We need different voices so we can effect change. Also people need to get involved with their local green issues. Grow Back Better!
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