Urban Business 4 Urban Youth in Greater Manchester

The Salam Project is an urban youth and community organisation that works consistently against the criminalisation of young Black boys in the UK

Under the banner of its Urban Business 4 Urban Youth programme  it has teamed up with Near Neighbours Charity to facilitate an online, virtual, and digital work experience programme.

This programme is aimed at Black, African and Afro Caribbean young people between the ages of 13-24 years old who are caught up in the criminal justice system, at risk of slipping out of education and becoming easy prey for criminal gangs, marginalised or currently not in education, employment or training or permanently excluded from school.

Urban Businesses 4 Urban Youth aims to give young people essential vocational, employability and entrepreneurial skills for personal development.

Otis Willis, volunteer mentor at the Salam Project says. “As a Black businessman from the UK, it’s imperative that we give work experience opportunities to our young people to inspire them”

Ismael Lea South, Director of The Salam Project, adds “this project will raise aspirations, build confidence and prepare our young people for a career or business start-up opportunities in future life. Our African and Afro Caribbean youths are over-represented in permanent exclusion, prisons and mental health wards around the UK … there comes a time when we must stop moaning and start doing something.”

 The Salaam Project encourages members of the public to pass this information on to your local community centres, schools, youth groups, Mosques, Churches and to any young person you think will benefit from this programme.

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