Job alert: Manchester Museum hiring for Ardwick Hulme capacity building around ecological crises… Deadline March 28

Our friends at Manchester Museum, who signed the open letter calling for the strongest possible scrutiny, have a short-term contract going, that we think is for important work, that needs doing well.

Consultant brief
Manchester Museum is seeking to appoint a consultant to map out the different ways in which people – individuals, organisations and groups – are currently responding to the climate and ecological crises in Ardwick and Hulme. By scoping out the varied responses and actions being taken on our doorstep, and by mapping the skills that are used and needed, the consultant will get to grips with what people need and the issues that are important to them. These insights will be used to identify where the Museum’s convening power is most appropriately developed in the future as part of city-wide action and change. We would expect the consultant to undertake this work in two phases:


Deadline March 28

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