2 thoughts on “Ardwick Litterpickers at work – @ArdwickLitter”

  1. I passed a very friendly and helpful man yesterday litter picking by the Mancunian Way Upperbrook Street. That filled me with joy and hope. I live on the last House on Kincardine Road by the field (now I believe a park ). This is such a wonderful place and over 36 years of myself living here so much is done to help the area and I am sure it is a constant fight for people involved. I cannot thank the people who try to help our neighbour hood enough.
    A “HUGE” “HUGE”
    *”THANK YOU”*
    Since retiring from working I do “litter pick” on the park now and again, but it does concern me, being a lone “litter picker”.

    If you read this thank you for taking your time.

    Much appreciation for what I have seen progress in dare I say a very challenging area. Please please keep up with your amazing work.

    Strength , determination and positivity.

    Kindest Regards

    Happy Home 115 Kincardine Road

    1. Thanks Peter!
      That is lovely. I’ve forwarded that message to the organisers of the Ardwick Litter picks, without your email address. If you give me your permission, I’ll send them your email address too…
      Marc Hudson

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