Thank yous and … PLEASE CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLORS abt #Climate Emergency declaration for #Manchester

First things first.  Thank you to all of you who have already contacted your councillors. Thank you to all those who have told us what the councillors said (we’ve got a list below- so far 29  lots! of the 96 councillors have said they support the motion).  Thanks to those of you who have contacted councillors but not yet heard back – perhaps try again?!

And thank you to those councillors who have replied to requests from their constituents about the climate emergency declaration, which is to be debated and voted upon, this coming Wednesday, 10th July. You can see the text, lightly annotated, here.

More shouting: IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLORS.  You can find out who they are simply by typing your postcode in here.  Write them a short email, or phone them, or tweet them (details here).

Of course, getting a declaration is only the first step in a longer process (if we pretend that the last ten years didn’t happen – which is fair, because nothing significant on climate action did happen in Manchester, at least not because of the efforts of the official Manchester programmes).  Climate Emergency Manchester is going to keep collecting signatures on its own petition, so its motion will be debated later in the year. But we are also going to be engaging closely with the motion’s elements (should the motion pass).  And we will be working closely with individuals and groups who want to hold the Council and other bodies to their promises. If you have any time or energy to help, please get in touch via our contact form. We make the following promises:

  • you can be involved in meaningful and ‘enjoyable’ ways without ever coming to a. single. bloody. meeting.
  • you will get opportunities to learn new stuff, new skills, and meet new people
  • we won’t waste your time, emotionally blackmail you or get you nicked

So, finally, listed alphabetically, here are the councillors who we know support the motion.  There may well be others who do who simply haven’t told their constituents, or have but the constituents haven’t told us.  If you know a councillor who supports the motion, or you ARE a councillor who supports the motion, and your name doesn’t appear below, let us know via

Alphabetical list of councillors supporting the July 10 Climate Emergency motion.

Amna Abdullatif Ardwick

Rabnawaz Akbar Rusholme

Ahmed Ali Rusholme

Azra Ali Burnage

Nasrin Ali Crumpsall

Shaukat Ali Cheetham

Zahra Alijah Fallowfield

Paula Appleby Moston

Gary Bridges Old Moat

Becky Chambers Withington

Susan Cooley Brooklands

Ben Clay Burnage

Bev Craig Burnage

Majid Dar Ancoats and Beswick

Yasmine Dar Moston

Adele Douglas Piccadilly

Jade Doswell Fallowfield

John Farrell Higher Blackley

John Flanagan Miles Platting and Newton Heath

Joanne Green Harpurhey

Carmine Grimshaw  Miles Platting and Newton Heath

John Hacking Chorlton

Tina Hewitson Ardwick

Eve Holt Chorlton

Lee-Ann Igbon Hulme

William Jeavons Deansgate

Marcus Johns Deansgate

Sarah Judge Woodhouse Park

Thomas Judge Sharston

Patrick Karney Harpurhey

Richard Kilpatrick Didsbury West

Veronica Kirkpatrick Charlestown

Shelley Lanchbury Higher Blackley

John Leech Didsbury West

Richard Leese Crumpsall

Jill Lovecy Rusholme

Sam Lynch Northenden

Jon-Connor Lyons Piccadilly

Sean McHale Clayton and Openshaw

Joanna Midgley Chorlton Park

Madeleine Monaghan Sharston

Mary Monaghan Northenden

Rebecca Moore Withington

Nigel Murphy Hulme

Sue Murphy Brooklands

Eddy Newman Woodhouse Park

Dzidra Noor Levenshulme

Carl Ollerhead Moston

Bernard Priest Ardwick

Hannah Priest Charlestown

Luthfur Rahman Longsight

Luke Raikes Baguely

Dave Rawson  Chorlton Park

Ali Reza- Ilyas Fallowfield

Suzanne Richards Longsight

Emily Rowles Moss Side

Sarah Russell Northenden

Mahadi Hussein Sharif Mahamed Moss Side

Basat Sheikh Levenshulme

Mandie Shilton Godwin Chorlton Park

Andrew Simcock Didsbury East

Kelly Simcock Didsbury East

Greg Stanton Didsbury West

Angeliki Stogia Whalley Range

Bernard Stone Levenshulme

Matt Strong Chorlton

Emma Taylor Ancoats and Beswick

Mary Watson Whalley Range

Gavin White Old Moat

Tim Whiston Sharston

Chris Wills Withington

Annette Wright Hulme

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