“Come with me if you want to learn” – Petition Taskforce for 4000 signatures, but also #Manchester #movement-building

Climate Emergency Manchester is trying to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Yes we need another 3000 signatures on our petition for a seventh (climate) scrutiny committee. We need them by November 10th.

But we also need a vibrant, growing, learning network of climate-concerned citizens and groups in this city. Because if we get the signatures, and then get the committee but don’t have such a network, then we (all) lose.

Therefore, today we launch the first version of our “Petition Taskforce Handbook.”

The Petition Taskforce is even sexier than it sounds. It’s all the six core group members of Climate Emergency Manchester, plus whoever else wants to devote some of their time and energy to help us get the signatures. That doesn’t have to be an eight-week commitment where you drop everything else in your life except food, 4hours a night of sleep and the occasional change of kecks. It can be a bit more sustainable than that.   We have a whole bunch of online and real world things we want to do to both get the signatures and contribute to building that network.

To help get everyone “up to speed”, we’ve created a Petition Taskforce Handbook.  It’s rough as a badger’s posterior,  and the next version will be better. The key thing is it exists, it tells you the what, the why, the how of our campaign. It’s a total of 19 pages (including a world-beating cover) and can be downloaded as a word document or as a pdf.

The Petition Taskforce is going to have its first (online) meeting on Friday 11th September from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. If you want to attend, please email us on contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

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