Petition – one week to go, ask two people you know

There is more than one piece of nerve-wracking democracy unfolding this week. Our petition for a new scrutiny committee of Manchester City Council dedicated to climate change closes next Tuesday, 10 November.

We already know that we have well over 1500 signatures, 797 on paper (validated in batches throughout – we were not forced to wait until the end) and 747 online. This is more than any other petition listed on the Manchester City Council website. We will not get to 4k but every name sends a strong signal to the Council, ever signature counts.


Meaningful access

If everyone who has already signed, got two people they know to sign we would reach our target. So – PLEASE ASK TWO PEOPLE YOU KNOW TO SIGN. Now. The link is here.

(And if they need any more encouragement, send them this message from Lemm Sissay – the highlight of our week).

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