Last updated – Tuesday 30th March 2021

On Wednesday 31st March Manchester City Council will decide on what its scrutiny arrangements for climate change are. That is a lot more important than it sounds. We have a choice – between the existing rubber-stamping, and a real magnifying glass that can magnify real action.

The danger is that the existing set-up just gets a sprayjob of light green.

Here’s an open letter from 28 Manchester organisations, calling for the Council to show maximum ambition.

YOU can stop the sprayjob of light green.  Please write to

If you’ve further appetite, you can write to

And please let us know you’ve done this, and what reply you do (or don’t) get…

We have just released a thank you video to all those people who signed our petition for seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate change. Take a gander, and share it in your networks please!

If you want to know more about what we do, why, and how, then the menu bar across the top should (now) help.

We just published a blogpost about our aims.  Here they are:

If you’re still in the dark, or have questions etc, please email us on, or Tweet at us – @ClimateEmergMcr

In the meantime, if you live, work or study in Manchester, you can find out who your councillors are via this page on the City Council’s website.

It’s ALWAYS a good time to write to your three councillors about climate change and what the Council is doing (and not doing).

The big date that is coming up  is the meeting of full Council on Wednesday 31st March 2021.  At this meeting, there should be a proposal to create a scrutiny committee dedicated to the climate emergency. You could ask your councillors to tell you how they will be voting, what their ideas/concerns are. Let us know a) that you’ve contacted them and b) what they say if/when they reply!