Please contact #Manchester councillors about new leader’s #climate priorities

On Tuesday 5th October the first new leader for twenty-five years of Manchester City Council will be decided behind closed doors. Ninety-four Labour councillors will vote that evening on who replaces Richard Leese.

It comes as the world prepares for the Glasgow COP26. Doubtless Manchester City Council and its hangers-on will claim that all is well on the city’s climate plans, but the brutal truth is that the city has burned through 40 per cent of its carbon budget for the entire 21st century in the last three years.  We are way way off track.

Climate Emergency Manchester is asking you to contact as many of those ninety-four as you can (especially the three who represent the ward where you live, work or study – you can find them here).  We are asking you to share the open letter (see image at the bottom of this pose – see also pdf and word versions) with those councillors, asking them to forward it to the four candidates and seek a response.

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